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The 100 dating best hookup sites 2021 in February 2021 can be found in the dating site directory. We have now tested well over 2,000 German dating providers! Most single sites on the Internet, however, are far too small or just a rip off. 498 dating exchanges, data apps, single communities, flirt forums and dating chats are recommended. Here we present the 100 TOP dating sites that really work.

Don’t worry about insignificant providers. This is usually a waste of time. Focus on high quality providers:

You can of course simply search for the dating site brands that you already know (“Parship” or “Tinder”) and read through the corresponding test report.

Then you are missing out on a lot! We would rather recommend that you go on a journey of discovery through all the great dating sites that exist in Germany.

We have sorted out dubious rip-off dating sites! All you can lose is a little time. Because you can try out all of these offers completely free of charge!

Before you really participate anywhere, as a newcomer you should definitely have looked at 2-3 portals from the inside!

You do this with 2, 3 or even 5 single portals that seem suitable to you. Only when you notice: “Hey, I might like it here!”, Do you build yourself a really good profile with nice text and beautiful photos.

And only then do you perhaps go to the cash register to really participate, i.e. to be able to write messages to other singles yourself.

Get yourself a second address for your dating activities! With most mail providers (GMail, GMX,, …) you can simply grab another mail address for free and forward it to your main account.

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